Leo Lopez

It must be something about the name! Leo Lopez has worked alongside Chef Jamie Adams for almost 20 years. He worked in a variety of positions at Veni Vidi Vici and from the time il Giallo opened 2015, he has worked alongside Chef Jamie creating fabulous Italian dishes in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Lopez always has a smile on his face, and says that he loves coming to work every day because he really enjoys the camaraderie in the kitchen and what he learns from his co-workers.

A native of Jalisco, Mexico, Lopez has lived in Atlanta for the past 21 years. Known for his incredibly strong work ethic and culinary abilities, Lopez will be leading Lagarde’s kitchen alongside Chef Jamie.

Of the many things Lopez is excited about at Lagarde is preparing one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, Shrimp & Grits. Not only does he love cooking all of the ingredients to perfection, but it’s one of his favorite dishes on the menu to eat!


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